Keegan Sweeney


Today, Keegan’s art is influenced by many different organic and linear forms, mostly deriving from nature and his own life experiences. His love for all things patterned and geometric is constantly growing and although he can’t pinpoint exactly where this passion comes from, he continues to express his art with complex pointillism, mandalas, symmetry, repetition, and very detailed line work in the hopes of discovering more about himself and the world around him. Focussing mainly on large scale work on the body, trying to progress with new ways of working with contours and natural shapes of our human form.

Keegan has a passion for travel and new experiences, which have inspired several world trips tattooing in all corners of the globe, meeting new artists, working at conventions and studios from near and far while sharing knowledge in the hopes of learning enough that he also can add something new and give back to tattooing as a whole.

These big dreams and goals have led Keegan to open Seven Mirrors in 2019, with the focus and values around positivity, kindness, progression, and client satisfaction, as ultimately people are putting their trust in us as artists and as a studio as a whole. The importance and respect for the clients and the process are always at the forefront of what Keegan believes in through tattooing, and this resonates throughout anyone that is a part of Seven Mirrors.

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